Temperature, humidity and pressure recorders and dataloggers from Dickson Co. are enrolled in n automatic calibration service to help ensure that instruments retain original specifications.

By enrolling in the Dickson Calibration Club, industrial facility managers who use NIST-certified instruments from the Dickson Co., Addison, Ill., can be sure their chart recorder and datalogger calibrations are kept current.

Unlike generic instruments that only state that calibrations are within specifications, Dickson NIST-certified temperature and humidity recorders and dataloggers specify a particular unit’s serial number; the date of original calibration; the calibration reading and the specific instrument used to calibrate the unit.

By creating an online database for all instruments and assets, members of the calibration service receive e-mail notification when equipment is due for calibration. Automatic enrollment of NIST-certified instruments obtained from Dickson began this year.