To meet demands on hygiene, capacity and reliability, the M Series GyroCompact self-stacking spiral freezers were recently redesigned by FMC FoodTech, Chicago.

The self-stacking conveyor belt and no-tension drive system were retained, but the company re-engineered the rest of the equipment to provide greater throughput, durability and cleanability. The FrigoBelt self-stacking conveyor now offers more efficient airflow and faster freezing times as well as a maximum number of tiers for any given height or footprint.

The belt forms its own stack and creates a closed freezing zone around the product. Only the belt comes in contact with the product to ensure safe, gentle handling. The entire product zone is cleaned during belt cleaning.

Product blow-off or fall-off is eliminated because the product is enclosed between belt layers. Each belt layer rests upon the one below, and there is no relationship movement between tiers. The entire stack moves with the product, eliminating product-related belt jams.

The belt stack rotates via a tension-free bottom drive and does not require any rails.