Raw makeup water being fed to the cooling towers at a large thermal power station will be treated with both ozone and biocides following the installation of a new water treatment system. Ozonia Switzerland, headquartered in Dübendorf, teamed up with a water treatment company to install the turnkey, fully assembled, containerized ozone system. The ozone will complement the proprietary biocide-dosing program used in the cooling system. The combination is expected to result in a controllable disinfection system that provides protection against Legionella and similar undesirable microorganisms found in cooling towers, according to Ozonia.

In addition to being a strong oxidant, ozone provides an environmentally favorable disinfectant system because it produces no undesirable byproducts, according to Ozonia.

The stand-alone type plant consists of one of Ozonia’s larger standard OZAT ozone generators, Type CFL, with an integrated power-supply system; feedgas preparation unit with compressor and dryer; ozone-contacting system made up from motive pumps; high-efficiency injectors; and inline diffusers installed in the makeup lines; an independent cooling system; and a control system.

The plant, which is designed for automatic service, has been fitted with a modem link system for remote monitoring and analytic work.

In addition to the container plant, Ozonia also has supplied vent ozone destruct systems and ozone analyzers to be installed at strategic places in the power station.