The module is designed to work with the existing refrigeration equipment, along with the current control methodology, to reduce energy consumption.

Norish Ltd. is a leading multi-temperature warehousing and logistics organization that provides services to importers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors. Established in 1975, Norish operates in the UK from six strategically located sites and provides in excess of 65,000 racked pallet spaces, of which 50,000 are temperature controlled. The business is committed to ongoing investment in information technology and warehouse optimization as a focus to maintain its competitive advantage.

“We like to be one step ahead, and for me, anything which helps me reduce one of the major costs of the business has my support,” said Norman Hatcliff, managing director.

The Smartcool team initially met with the group engineer, Stuart Lloyd, to survey and report on the company’s Brierley Hill site. “We identified a 12-month payback,” said Darren Castles from Smartcool. “Stuart and I presented the findings to the board and answered all their questions.”

The decision to install the ESM followed for other sites.

“Part of our approach was also to provide an assessment where we would demonstrate that the savings were achievable with no detrimental effect on the plant or operations,” said Castles. “Stuart reviewed the engineering elements and was very confident of our approach. The board liked the financial proposal, and in the end, the savings we initially presented were exceeded.”

Norish is saving more than 1.7 million kWh per year with the ESM technology -- enough energy to power 584 homes -- for a return on investment of 94.3 percent.