In 2006, the ESM technology was installed on 11 single-compressor, roof-mounted refrigeration units at a Hellmann Perishable Logistics refrigerated warehouse in Doral, Fla. Energy dataloggers were installed on the electrical mains to one of the refrigeration units to measure and record the kW, kWh and amp consumption of the refrigeration system throughout the evaluation period.

The dataloggers took a reading every eight seconds and were set to provide a date-stamped printout every six minutes. During the analyses the data was accumulated and averaged over one-hour periods to compile the comparative data. Throughout the evaluation, temperature loggers were also used to measure and record the ambient air temperatures.

The technology reduced energy consumption by 17.6 percent for an annual reduction of 46,293 kWh, or enough electricity to supply four homes. The company saw a payback on the technology within 24 months.