Marlborough, Mass.-based Flomerics celebrated its 20th anniversary in the business of computer-aided engineering. Flomerics founders David Tatchell and Harvey Rosten helped pioneered the commercial availability of computational flow dynamics (CFD) technologies in the 1970s. As electronic devices became more powerful, it became increasingly important to know a system’s precise cooling requirements at the design phase. Taking advantage of this market opportunity, they founded the company in 1988 to develop CFD software that simulated thermal exchange at the pre-prototyping phase of product development.

The company’s first product, Flotherm, was launched in September 1989 for use in thermal design for electronic systems. Flomerics’ second product, Flovent, was released in early 1990 to simulate airflow in buildings and is used to optimize heating, ventilation and air conditioning in buildings.

In 2005, the company acquired the Hungarian-based thermal test equipment company, MicReD. The addition of this technology to Flomerics’ portfolio was an important step in providing a complete, integrated solution to customers in the electronics industry.

In 2006, Flomerics acquired German-based Nika GmbH to obtain engineering flow dynamics (EFD) software that enables mechanical design engineers to analyze and optimize complex fluid flow and heat transfer processes across a range of products and industries. The EFD product family is tightly embedded with 3D mechanical computer-aided design software such as SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer and CATIA V5.