Indiana Packers Corp., a meat-packing company, completely replaced its cartridge filters with self-cleaning models. The company, which is co-owned by Mitsubishi Corp. and Itoham Foods Co., can slaughter up to 14,000 hogs daily at its plant in Delphi, Ind. The plant uses water from on-site wells. While the cartridge filters worked, the frequent cartridge changes were a drain of the maintenance budget and the staff's time. Project engineering manager David Hurley decided to try self-cleaning filters instead. Based on the test, he replaced the cartridge filters with the ABW4-LP filters, installed in parallel, with 50-micron screens.

“We were very pleased with our initial test of the Tekleen filter in regards to its self-cleaning features and low maintenance,” he says. “We calculated that the payback time would be eleven months.”