As information technologies have enabled new logistic solutions, Landskrona, Sweden-based Swep has kept pace by adding an online eShop service. Customers of the maker of brazed heat exchangers can request setup on the company's e-business site. Once a customer has e-business credentials, he or she can log in and have full access to the account, place orders online, check delivery status and receive product information.

As an enhancement of the e-business site, Swep added track and trace features so users can monitor the progress of shipments on standard orders. Users simply enter the order number (or use the search function to find the order number) and Swep connects you directly to the web site of the appropriate freight forwarder. Users can review the order's shipping status directly on the forwarder's site. If the shipment has already been delivered, users are able to see the proof of delivery, including who signed for it.