Cleveland-based Parker Hannifin Corp. inked a joint development agreement with reXorce Thermionics Inc. for the design and production of pumps and expanders for reXorce’s Thermafficient power generation system.

The Thermafficient system can transform low temperature waste heat into an electrical power generation system that can also provide cooling and heating. The system can save energy and reduce the carbon impact of many industrial processes. Types of low temperature waste heat that could be converted to power include solar energy, geothermal energy, or heat wasted/unused in inefficient systems for industrial processes such as heat treating, smelting and ovens.

“The use of our high thermal efficiency fluid systems in combination with Parker’s expertise in pumps and expanders allow us to cost effectively produce power from previously unusable low quality heat streams,” said Philip Brennan, COO for reXorce Thermionics Inc., Akron, Ohio.

“The pumps under development will allow waste heat systems to be optimized to the user’s preference for heating and cooling or electrical generation,” said Roger Palmer, vice president of technology and innovation for Parker’s Climate and Industrial Controls business.