Spectronics Corp.’s brochure highlights leak detection and diagnostic tools.

With information on the full range of cordless LED leak detection lamps and kits, a brochure on Spectroline leak-detection products and diagnostic tools can be obtained from Westbury, N.Y.-based Spectronics Corp. by calling (800) 274-8888 or clicking on www.spectroline.com.

In addition to the lamps and kits, the AV-100CS Acid Buster injection kit is covered in the brochure. The Acid Buster is designed to chemically neutralize acid buildup, helping prevent compressor burnout in small- to medium-size refrigeration systems. Also highlighted are specialized diagnostic tools such as the Cobra Series of multi-purpose borescopes and the Marksman ultrasonic diagnostic tool.

The brochure also provides information about fluorescent dyes used to detect leaks in fluid systems, including hydraulic fluid, engine oil, compressor oil, gearbox oil, fuel and water.