A rental chiller was the answer for this Kentucky food warehouse when its central refrigeration system malfunctioned. Could it be the answer if unexpected trouble occurs at your plant?

When the refrigeration system at a food warehouse malfunctioned, a temporary cooling system, including this 300 hp chiller, was installed to keep the cold storage temperature at 0oF (-18oC) until the permanent equipment was replaced.

A routine Tuesday morning at a cold storage warehouse in Frankfort, Ky., became anything but routine when the central refrigeration system failed. As a frozen food warehouse for some of the nation’s largest food distributors and restaurant chains, the company had the responsibility of keeping its clients’ products frozen 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A failure of one refrigeration system component rendered the plant inoperative and warehouse temperatures started to rise. The first step was to move the product to refrigerated trucks to prevent losses, but that made the flow of product in and out almost unmanageable. To further complicate matters, the warehouse executives had decided to replace the old refrigeration system rather than attempt to repair it, necessitating a longer-term, temporary solution.

Warehouse management decided to contact cooling equipment rental companies. After contacting several, the company executives selected NuTemp, which they felt offered the best combination of equipment, technical resources and pricing.

The warehouse refrigeration engineers wanted to lower the cold storage temperature to 0°F (-18°C) as quickly as possible and maintain it there until the permanent equipment could be replaced. To solve the problem, NuTemp brought in a 300 hp low temperature chiller to supply -30°F (-34°C) brine to two specialized cold storage air units with electric defrost. A second chiller was pressed into service as an air-cooled condenser. The rental company also supplied the electrical cable, circulating pumps, expansions tanks and interconnecting brine piping. The result was a complete system in parallel with the cold storage facility’s permanent system that kept the storage warehouse at 0°F and allowed uninterrupted work on the permanent equipment.

Equipment was on site and running within 36 hours of the first phone call from the food warehouse. To simplify the equipment installation process, NuTemp had two technicians at the site on the day the equipment arrived. They worked hand-in-hand with the cold storage facility’s electricians, pipe fitters and refrigeration technicians to ensure proper installation and maintenance of machines. NuTemp technicians also commissioned and started up all the equipment.

Six weeks later, with the new refrigeration system installed at the cold storage facility, NuTemp technicians returned to remove the temporary cooling system. Mike McGushin, midwest sales manager at NuTemp, reported that the food warehouse executives found the temporary refrigeration plant to be an ideal substitution for the failed refrigeration system. “With the temporary system, the warehouse was maintained at 0°F, allowing them to keep their customers’ products at an optimal temperature and avoiding product losses.”

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