Since 1957, the Myron L Co. has designed and manufactured highly reliable analytical instruments for a wide variety of applications. Demanding uses range from cooling tower and boiler water testing to ultrapure water control to medical instruments for artificial kidney machines. Every day thousands of professionals around the world rely on the performance of our instruments.

We are proud of the trust our handheld instruments and monitors/controllers have earned in the past. Our product line has evolved to a new level of performance and value in analytical instruments: the Ultrameter II series. While priced like affordable single-parameter instruments, the Ultrameter II does the job of three, four or even six instruments.

Both Ultrameter II models deliver performance of ±1 percent of reading (not merely full scale). This high level of accuracy has been achieved through advanced four-electrode conductivity cell technology, a unique pH/ORP sensor and powerful microprocessor based circuitry. With displayed values of up to 9999, the full four-digit LCD ensures resolution levels never before possible in such affordable instruments. Factory calibrated with NIST-traceable solutions, each Ultrameter II may be supplied with both certification of traceability and NIST-traceable solutions for definitive calibration.

A built-in infrared port allows you to conveniently download your data to a computer. (Requires Myron L uDock accessory package.) Ample memory provides increased flexibility to record and store 100 separate readings. The real-time clock with date-and-time stamp allows you to maintain the integrity of each individual reading.

The advanced four-electrode cell for conductivity/ resistivity/TDS eliminates polarization, allowing greater accuracy and stability with minimal maintenance. The pH/ORP sensor chamber provides protection to a unique porous liquid-junction. The large capacity KCI reservoir guarantees extended life.

A custom LCD helps simplify calibration and operation by using annunciators and prompts to indicate various conditions.

IP67/NEMA 6 rated Ultrameter II is waterproof and buoyant and can be fully immersed to 3' (1 m).

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