Cooling tower users can eliminate chemical treatment and reduce tower discharge using a eSolution, says its manufacturer.

If a newly developed system lives up to its claim, cooling tower users can eliminate hazardous chemical treatment and reduce their tower discharge by up to 75 percent compared to other systems.

Introduced by Earthwise Environmental Inc., Bensenville, Ill., eSolution provides the answer to a safer environment, says Bob Miller, president. "It uses far less water, reuses it to conserve waste, and eliminates chemicals."

According to Miller, eSolution technology is based on accepted scientific principals, centered in anode-cathode reactions under a supplied current. He says a mineral (calcium) is precipitated and then periodically flushed from the system, and water indices, which are easily calculated and measured, control corrosion. Adhering microbes to precipitated calcium and converting small amounts of chloride to chlorine typically lowers bacteria counts, resulting in biological control.

Minor piping installation and a small operating footprint allow eSolution to be installed from a skid-mount platform and easily moved from system to system. Continuing service, testing and monitoring ensure efficient operation and performance, along with validation of results, according to Earthwise.