Counting on being the first manufacturer of both modular and full-sized chillers to embark on ARI certification for all standard production air- and water-cooled chillers, Multistack of Sparta, Wis., aims to make apples-to-apples equipment comparisons possible.

By achieving certification on the full range of applicable catalog components, Multistack will be able to provide documented performance figures for designers to use in comparisons for their clients. According to the company, certification of Multistack and Airstack products will allow a designer to know, with confidence, the energy consumptions and efficiencies of a project as they look to support ASHRAE 90.1 standards, qualify for LEED and comply with many local codes in their building, renovation and retrofit designs.

Through the course of 2009, all the production models of Multistack’s water-cooled chillers and Airstack’s air-cooled chillers will be certified.

While certification offers many benefits, one of the most important relates to the current emphasis on companies and equipment going “green.” ARI, under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mandate, will ensure that manufacturers use no illegal refrigerants to meet minimum performance standards. According to Multistack, for the last few years, the company has been moving aggressively towards environmentally friendly refrigerants with no phase-out dates.