The port authority of Port Arthur, Texas, has ordered a wet-surface air cooler (WSAC) closed-loop, evaporative cooler from Niagara Blower Heat Transfer Solutions for a refinery expansion project.

Niagara Blower, Buffalo, N.Y., will engineer and manufacture the field-erected WSAC system to cool the Motiva Port Arthur refinery’s wastewater streams prior to biological treatment during the hottest summer months without the need for refrigeration.

The cooler has a redundant design and capacity control. According to the manufacturer, WSAC technology provides the lowest possible outlet temperature and requires less plot space. With a WSAC system, the process stream is cooled directly inside the tube bundles, a heat transfer technology that combines with elements of a heat exchanger and cooling tower in a single structure. The spray water does not circulate through the surface exchanger, so the cooler or condenser can use poor quality water as spray makeup and reduce plant wastewater discharge.