The term "cooling fans" can encompass the use of centrifugal blowers or axial fans, depending on the specific application. A few of the most common applications for cooling fans are the force-cooling of electrical and electronic cabinets, large AC and DC motors, generators, transformers, parts coming out of an oven, and engine or boiler rooms.

Proper selection of a cooling fan requires certain knowledge about the application, according to Cincinnati Fan's web site. When purchasing the equipment, consider the following:
  1. The airflow (cfm) required to reduce the temperature to the desired maximum level.
  2. The pressure drop through the internal components.
  3. Whether there will be other optional equipment such as filters that could impact fan performance.
  4. How far the fan will be from the heat source.
  5. How the fan or blower will be mounted.
  6. The ambient air temperature in which the fan or blower will be working.
  7. Any other special considerations.
For more information about fan selection, contact Cincinnati Fan, Mason, Ohio.