Amarillo Gear Co., through the application of new testing technology, has enhanced its capability to certify its gear drives for conformance to exacting requirements, according to company president Steve Chaloupka.

As part of its continuous effort to provide customers maximum quality and service, Chaloupka announced that Amarillo Gear has committed itself to reinvestment in new technology that will ensure required performance.

An in-house metallurgical laboratory verifies the quality results of Amarillo Gear’s heat treating process. Plant specialists then utilize state-of-the-art testing equipment to perform exact dimensional inspections on gears that will be applied under critical circumstances. Final testing and certification is conducted for performance, noise and vibration verification during full-load operation up to 500 hp.

Amarillo Gear recently produced 36" pitch diameter spiral bevel gear sets to an AGMA quality level not obtainable by most of their competitors, according to George Lian, senior gear design engineer. The gear sets were designed to transmit 2,600 hp with a minimum service factor of 1.50. Because of its testing facilities, Amarillo Gear was able to guarantee through certification that all specifications conformed to the customer’s requirements.

A new 2,400 ft2facility houses Amarillo Gear’s complete testing programs. The facility provides full-load testing on Amarillo Gear’s entire product line of right-angle and parallel shaft gear drives for both wet and dry cooling. Certification, noise and vibration measurements are not only taken under full torque loading, but also full thrust loading, simulating the thrust created by the fan during operation. Amarillo Gear’s right-angle pump drives are tested by the same criteria as the cooling fan drives.

Amarillo Gear Co. began manufacturing right-angle gear drives with spiral bevel gears in 1934. Today, the company builds the world’s most extensive line of cooling fan drives in its 132,000 ft2plant, located in Amarillo, Texas. In all, Amarillo Gear offers more than 50 sizes of gear drives with power transmission capacities ranging from 20 to 7,500 hp, producing spiral bevel gears up to 100" in diameter.

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