The “Green” Way to Maintain Your Cooling Towers, Chillers and other HVAC Systems

Air Intake Filter screens protecting condenser coils from cottonwood seed - amazingly easy to clean.

Cottonwood Filter Screens are specifically engineered for use on condenser coils, cooling towers, dry coolers, rooftop units, air handlers/louvers and are the best way to prevent fouling of your mechanical equipment. Unlike window screen, bug screen, shade screen and conventional air filters (roll media, pleated filters and electrostatic filters, etc.) that are designed for internal use, Cottonwood Filter Screens mount to the outside of your equipment, stopping airborne debris at its point of entry and where it is easily seen and quickly removed using a broom, brush, shop vacuum or by simply rinsing with a garden hose. Filters never need to be removed for cleaning and even the rain will rinse them off. When equipped with the patented hail guard framing system, filter screens will even protect coils from hail damage.

Hail damaged condenser coil.

Green Up HVAC Equipment and Maintenance

Air Intake Filters are environmentally friendly, highly durable and can provide up to 15+ years of service; furthermore, they are engineered to be nearly invisible to the airflow on your equipment with exceptionally low impact on static pressure (static pressure drop is less than 1/10" w.g. at 600 fpm air velocity and declines precipitously with a decrease in air velocity). Air Intake Filters will transform your maintenance process by eliminating the use of pressure washers and harmful cleaning chemicals. For those seeking LEED Credits, Cottonwood Filter Screens are a budget friendly way to earn credits in multiple categories.

Filter screen and hail guard stops fouling and hail damage.

Coil Filter Screens and Hail Guard Protection

  • Keeps debris out of coils all season long.
  • Reduces maintenance time by up to 75%.
  • Protects coils from hail damage when used with the patented hail guard framing system. Improves airflow compared to expanded steel louvered hail guards.
  • Optimizes operational efficiency by reducing equipment run time and energy consumption and prevents high head temperatures caused by dirty coils.
  • Dramatically reduces repairs, downtime and lost productivity due to fouling.

Air intake filters protect small and large cooling towers.

Cooling Tower Filter Screens

  • Reduce bio-loading - water stays clean helping avoid bacteria proliferation including Legionella.
  • Reduce water treatment chemical use by up to 50%, while reducing human exposure and environmental impact.
  • Prevents plugging of fill, strainers, blow-down valves and heat exchangers so equipment runs efficiently and for shorter periods of time thus reducing energy use.
  • Reduces algae growth by diffusing sunlight, which supports photosynthesis, reducing algae fighting chemical use.

Cottonwood filters on louvers/air-handling units protect internal filters (left). Durable, quick release fasteners (right).

Air Handling Unit/Louver Filter Screens

  • Increase internal filter life up to 60% while significantly reducing consumable filter cost.
  • Reduce filter changes and maintenance time.
  • Improves IAQ by preventing premature fouling of internal filters, enabling them to perform to full specification.
  • Protects damper / louver actuators.
  • Reduces land-fill contribution and bio-hazard handling costs.
If you’re looking for an environmentally and maintenance friendly way to manage your HVAC and cooling tower systems, then Cottonwood Air Intake Filter Screens could be just the solution you’re looking for. It Just Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This!

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