Moore Fans’ Class 10000 Heavy Duty (HD) Fans are designed for engine drive and large fan diameter installations. They are ideal for the replacement of existing obsolete or inefficient fans, or for new applications. They are available in clockwise (RH) and counterclockwise (LH) rotation in fan diameters from 4 to 24" (1.22 to 7.32 m) and with manually adjustable pitch.

The Class 10000 Heavy Duty has been strengthened in proportion with the increased duty for engine drive and larger fan diameter applications. It has an increased hub tube diameter of 3" for added strength and durability. Other features include:

Resilient Blade Mounting.The Class 10000 utilizes an enhanced resilient mounting system that features two highly strengthened resilient mounts on each blade. This mounting system provides improved durability, and is ideal under high wind and other extreme operating conditions.

Chord Width.An increased chord width to improve performance is an integral part of the Class 10000. This allows for fewer number blades for the same performance requirements, resulting in a lower overall cost.

Blade-Angle Adjustment.To provide an operator friendly design, the Class 10000 blade angle can be adjusted without removing the fan blades.

Ring Depth.The Class 10000 has been designed to operate in a reduced fan ring depth.

Adjustable Diameter.In order to operate the fan most efficiently and quietly as possible, the Class 10000 has been designed to permit fan diameter adjustment by as much as ±1.5" (3.81 cm), greatly easing installation.

Ideal for Variable Speed.With the use of Moore’s resilient mount system, there are virtually no resonant frequencies and thus, no critical speeds to be avoided.

Available Blades.The fan is available in both odd and even number of blades designs with up to 16 blades for maximum performance.

Low Noise.The wider chord width allows for the fans to meet the same airflow requirements at lower speeds. Vortex (VT) tips are available with the Class 10000 for a noise reduction of 2 to 3 dB. The combination of Vortex tips, wider chord width and increased number of blades makes the Class 10000 the fan of choice for applications where noise levels are an issue.

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