Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cooling towers, is a full-range process solution company. It offers all capacities of cooling towers, air-cooled heat exchangers and steam condensers specifically designed and engineered to suit customer’s operating conditions and environmental requirements. Paharpur offers cooling towers in wide varieties of materials of construction (MOCs), including pultruded GRP, timber, standard GRP and RCC. Each tower is built to suit the client’s operating conditions. Infill made out of PVC, PP, timber and other materials is available. Paharpur also offers a wide variety of after-sales service, including rebuilding, overhauling and up-gradation of existing cooling towers. The company has ISO 9000 certified factories and a customer base in more than 50 countries.

No matter what the requirement and location, Paharpur is at your service for any process cooling solution that you may require.

Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd.
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