Conserve water and treatment chemicals, prevent scaling and corrosion of heat exchangers and maximize process efficiency. Myron L provides you with the tools you need to optimize water treatment programs. Use our instruments to measure, monitor and control up to 6 solution parameters: Conductivity, TDS, Resistivity, pH, ORP and Temperature.

For fast on-the-spot testing, use Myron L handhelds. Digital Ultrameter II and TechPro II models feature advanced microelectronics for lab-accuracy, easy keypad calibration, a waterproof case and memory for stored readings. Analog DS/pDS Meters are also available in a variety of ranges.

To automatically monitor and maintain solution quality, use Myron L monitor/controllers. CTCII Cooling Tower Controller is designed specifically for chemical treatment and is excellent for cooling towers. CTCII is user friendly and simple to install. Other monitor/controllers are also available in numerous ranges with options and accessories to meet your specific requirements.

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