American Cooling Tower provides complete cooling tower engineering, design and construction services. The company offers site-specific wood, fiberglass, steel or concrete designs and provides customers with the unique ability to completely customize their cooling towers to fit their facility needs or requirements.

From materials of construction to the various accessories available on the market today, American Cooling Tower is capable of designing, engineering, and fabricating your cooling towers.

Tower designs include:
  • Crossflow cooling towers
  • Wood structure cooling towers
  • Counterflow cooling towers
  • Pultruded fiberglass structures
  • Concrete cooling towers
  • Double-wall constructed
Services.In addition, American Cooling Tower’s extensive knowledge of both packaged and field-erected cooling towers allows the company to accurately inspect and correct any problems associated with your cooling tower systems.

Over years of operation, cooling towers lose efficiency and therefore place stress on other components of the overall cooling system. Through proper maintenance programs and routine service work, customers can minimize this loss of capacity and extend the life of their cooling towers, pumps, chillers, heat exchangers and other equipment affected by the cooling system.

American Cooling Tower works to identify the problems the customer is facing, find solutions which meet the customer's approval, and performs the work through the use of superior workmanship and quality products.

Some of the services available include:
  • Rebuilds
  • Thermal upgrades
  • Replacements
  • Performance testing
  • Mechanical upgrades
  • Tower cleaning
  • Blast and coats
  • Fan balancing
  • Gear box maintenance
  • Drive shaft alignments
  • Scheduled maintenance programs
Rental Units.The company also designs and manufactures its own stainless steel rental towers. The rental units deliver superior cooling while minimizing downtimes and setup costs that are associated with temporary cooling systems.

Temporary cooling towers are an effective solution for emergencies, outages, seasonal cooling, and supplemental cooling. Customers can maintain their system’s total capacity while permanent systems are being repaired or replaced. “Temperature Creep” can be eliminated during warmer months with the use of temporary cooling towers.

American Cooling Tower offers trailer mounted units from 200-1000 nominal tons. We also offer a wide selection of closed loop temporary cooling towers and other rental equipment.

Parts and Accessories.American Cooling Tower offers a variety of parts and accessories for the cooling tower industry. We also offer a range of replacement parts and accessories for pumps, heat exchangers, sand filters, and separators. With our in-house sheet metal fabrication capabilities, ACT can manufacture a diverse range of steel panels and components for galvanized or stainless steel towers.

Among the parts offered are:
  • Fill media
  • Gear boxes
  • Drift eliminators
  • VFDs
  • Inlet louvers
  • Distribution systems
  • Casing panels
  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Nozzles
  • Bearings
  • Distribution pans
  • Belts
  • Exterior and interior coatings

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