The third-largest brewery in Canada, Sleeman Breweries Ltd., markets and distributes brands such as Sapporo, Guinness, Grolsch, Samuel Adams and Scottish & Newcastle. It produces 15 brands on a single production line at its headquarters in Guelph, Ont., relying on a critical cooling system with a cooling capacity of 1,100 tons with three towers.

Tower operation and load is constantly varied to match production demand and cooling conditions. Scale prevention is a key issue because the plant is located in a region of hard water. The plant was running softened water through the condensers and had identified the need for additional softener capacity on the pasteurizing system.

Sleeman’s solution was an EnviroTower system that included a complete service program with remote monitoring. According to Toronto-based EnviroTower, the new equipment successfully removed significant amounts of scale from the cooling system and continues to remove small amounts introduced through makeup.

Testing shows bacteria plate-count levels of less than 104 cfu/ml. By taking the softener system off the condenser and replacing it with the EnviroTower system, the plant was able to shift the softener to the pasteurizer and avoid a $40,000 expenditure on additional softener capacity, which also meant reduced softener operating costs. In addition, the plant expects to achieve cost savings on water consumption by increasing cycles of concentration.

The brewery’s previous chemical treatment program required a significant amount of storage space - up to 15 five-gallon barrels of chemicals stored on site at any given time. These chemicals were transported by hand to another area of the plant for application to the condenser systems. Removing these barrels has resulted in a safer employee environment.