Intended as an opportunity for attendees to develop or improve their understanding of engineered safety-relief systems for industrial refrigeration systems, a five-day course from the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium will be delivered exclusively online, eliminating travel time and expenses.

The workshop will be offered online from December 15-19, from 9 to 11 a.m. (Central) over the web in an instructor-led format. To participate, attendees will need a phone and a computer with Internet access.

According to organizers, the primary focus is industrial refrigeration systems, but many of the principles discussed apply equally to other applications. Participants will learn about codes and standards related to safety relief; tips on how to engineer code-compliant relief systems; how to determine capacity for nonstandard equipment like heat exchangers; and methods for proper sizing of relief vent piping, including headered vent systems.

In conjunction with the workshop, the IRC will release its web-based safety-relief systems analysis tool. Access to the web-based tool will be provided without charge to those individuals who successfully complete the workshop. To register, call (866) 635-4721 or visit