The VRTX cooling water treatment system, a nonchemical-based method for treating the water in cooling towers and evaporative condensers, also will be offered by Chem-Aqua Inc., Irving, Texas, a wholly owned water treatment subsidiary of NCH Corp. VRTX has signed a non-exclusive representative agreement with Chem-Aqua, and the VRTX treatment will be marketed as part of Chem-Aqua's Resourcefully Green initiative under the brand, VRTX by Chem-Aqua.

"Having traditional water treatment companies like Chem-Aqua and others representing VRTX provides a global sales and service force that supplements our product offering," said David Nicholas, VRTX CEO. "Since VRTX transitioned from equipment sales to a monthly service offering in 2006, the synergy between traditional water treatment companies and ours provides a unique opportunity for VRTX and our distributors."

"Our business is to provide effective water treatment programs," stated Steve Haberly, president of Chem-Aqua North America and general manager of Chem-Aqua International. "The market is evolving to demand water treatment solutions that reduce chemical usage. We have a responsibility to our customers to deliver environmentally acceptable alternatives that meet their needs. We have evaluated the VRTX system in principle and operation. In the appropriate type of cooling tower, with defined water characteristics, VRTX can be an acceptable alternative to standard treatment programs."

VRTX Technologies, a Schertz, Texas-based fluid technology company, specializes in environmentally friendly water treatment for cooling towers and evaporative condensers. The VRTX system relies on hydrodynamic cavitation, chemical equilibrium and filtration to control scale, corrosion and biofouling.