Fortum Corp. selected Honeywell to rebuild the operating system of the Inkoo Power Plant, a 1,000 MW power plant in Kuopio, Finland.
Photo Courtesy of Fortum Corp.

Fortum Corp., a leading energy provider in the Nordic region and the Baltic Rim, selected Honeywell to rebuild the operating system of a 1,000 MW power plant. The project will improve safety, reliability, efficiency and environmental compliance at the Inkoo Power Plant in Kuopio, Finland.

Honeywell's Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) will be used to operate the power station. Experion streamlines production by allowing plants to unify process, production and business management. The system integrates data from critical subsystems such as process units and safety systems across the facility. Then, it delivers relevant information directly to operators for improved decision making in the control room. Implementing the Experion technology is expected to help Fortum reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity and produce energy more economically by enabling plant operators to better monitor and manage capacity utilization and other aspects of the production process.

Additionally, Honeywell's Safety Manager will boost safety capabilities at the site and its UniSim operator training system will be used to train the plant operators. Honeywell also will provide services such as pre-engineering, application engineering, installation, commissioning and fine tuning of the system.