Corrosion is the focus of a webinar from one process cooling equipment maker.
Photo courtesy of Lytron Inc.

Two webinars and a video that provides a virtual factory tour have been added to the web site of Lytron Inc.

The Woburn, Mass.-based manufacturer of chillers, cold plates, cooling systems and heat exchanger hosted the webinars in May and early June as live web-based training sessions. The company has added "Recirculating Chiller Operation and Maintenance" as an on-demand webinar, which is available to registered users of the site. According to the company, the session discusses factors impacting the preventive maintenance schedule, weekly inspections, and monthly, quarterly, annual, and periodic maintenance.

Another webinar, "Corrosion Prevention," is expected to be added to the web site for on-demand viewing as well. The one-hour session describes specific measures that can be taken to minimize the risk of corrosion, according to the company.