Application notes explaining end-user problems and the meter products that solved them have been published as a series online.

Electricians and electronics professionals can use these notes to help them perform advanced electrical tests with their Fluke digital multimeters. Published by Fluke Corp., Everett, Wash., whose instruments are known for their distinctive yellow color, the notes address the use of advanced DMMs such as the Fluke 289 trending digital multimeter, which incorporates test and measurement capabilities. Some users may be unsure of how to use all the DMM features or why the tools are designed as they are, and the application notes, available at, are written and illustrated to take out the mystery.

For example, the DMM can record events that take place in a test circuit over time, allowing the user to review results on the meter’s display, spot anomalies and identify trends. The collected data can also be downloaded to a PC, where proprietary software allows users to create custom graphs and reports.