In a pilot test of filters at a desalination plant in Libya, a university researcher has concluded that filters manufactured under the brand name Disruptor reduced the fouling of reverse osmosis in seawater. Dr. Ibrahim El-Azizi of the University of Sheffield presented his conclusions at a desalination conference in Amman, Jordan, focusing on the causes and extent of reverse osmosis membrane fouling.

According to El-Azzizi, the filter removes the majority of foulants, including colloids, bacteria, polysaccharides and natural organic matter at high flow with low cost. The report says that using the Disruptor product prior to seawater reverse osmosis will reduce energy consumption, chemical cleaning frequency, prolong membrane life and consequently will reduce operational costs.

Disruptor is an electropositive nano alumina media invented by Argonide Corp., Sanford, Fla. For more information, go to