As spring begins phasing into summer, we're entering the months when cooling equipment works its hardest. In this issue, you should come away with some ideas to minimize strain on the equipment as well as costs.

Keeping things really cool with an industrial refrigeration system is expected -- that's what the equipment is designed to do. But what about the energy it sucks up? How do you maintain performance but keep the energy costs from swallowing your budget? You'll get some help with this puzzle in "Chillin' Out with Energy Management," which looks at an energy management program. The author is John Sandin, CPIM, an industrial operations manager from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, in Portland, Ore.

Water, the mainstay of cooling towers, is used in three different ways. First and foremost, it is evaporated, which is how cooling towers remove heat. The amount of water evaporated is a measure of the system load. To find out the other two methods for water use in cooling towers, look for the full story inside: "The Triple Play" by Dolphin WaterCare's Jerry Ackerman, the director of communications and environ-mental affairs at this division of Clearwater Systems Corp., both of which are based in Essex, Conn.

More about cooling towers comes from Jim Wallis, the international director of Brentwood Industries Inc., Reading, Pa., and managing director of Brentwood Asia Ltd., and Richard Aull, the engineering manager for Brentwood Industries Inc. In "Rising Interest in Sea Water Cooling," the authors discuss the ways evaporative cooling systems save resources, protect the environment and provide economic benefits. One alternative for coastal plant operators in need of cooling water is the sea.

Just like with real estate (even in today's wacky market), sensor placement is all about location, location, location. And that's what we've titled this article by Art Volbrect, an account manager at Watlow in St. Louis. Volbrect explains how important sensor placement is and tells you how to find the best spot.

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Anne Armel, Group Publisher,