Regulatory approval in the United States has been granted to Dow Microbial Control for the antimicrobial THPS (tetrakis [hydroxymethyl] phosphonium sulfate) for industrial water treatment applications.

The broad-spectrum biocide, marketed under the name Aqucar THPS 75, reduces the growth of algae, yeasts and mold in process waters used in industrial applications. The widely used product has been available in other regions since September 2006.

"With good, quality water is becoming scarce and expensive, Aqucar THPS 75 provides another key biocide for gas and oil, and water treatment applications, helping gas and oil service companies increase production and increase asset integrity," says Nanette Hermsen, the strategic marketing manager at Dow Microbial Control, Buffalo Grove, Ill.

According to the manufacturer, the biocide is particularly effective against sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB), which often are problematic in enhanced oil recovery operations such as injection water treatment, top-side systems, pipeline protection and storage. The THPS is able to kill microorganisms and reduce hydrogen sulfide concentrations and dissolve iron sulfide. It can be used in both acid and alkaline environments.