Today, business leaders, architects, engineers and building owners are seeking ways to drive and support business growth with building and production operations that incorporate sustainable, environmentally friendly technologies and maintenance practices. However, as is too often the case, “Going Green” doesn’t always square-up with the financial realities of getting there; hence an incremental approach usually works best. One of the easiest ways to green-up your operation without breaking your budget is to install Cottonwood Filter Screens on condenser coils, cooling towers and air handlers – they keep HVAC equipment clean all season long and significantly reduce maintenance and energy cost; plus, they reduce water and cleaning chemical use. If you are seeking Green Building certification, Cottonwood Filter Screens can also help you attain low cost LEED Credits in multiple categories. For more information on Going Green with Cottonwood Filter Screens, contact Air Solution Co. at 513-860-9784 or visit their web site at