Earlier this year, the Fort Wayne, Ind., Wastewater Treatment Plant faced shutdown due to cresting floodwaters. Under normal circumstances, the plant pumps its treated water into a 40-acre retention pond, where it is gravity-fed into the St. Mary’s River. However, the river had reached a flood level of 16.6' - an elevation greater than the retention pond.

Because gravity-feeding the treated water into the river no longer was possible, the plant’s operators had to figure out how to handle the discharge flow from sewage of the city’s 250,000 people. Every inch of discharge represents a million gallons of water, so the plant needed an emergency temporary pumping solution.

At 10:30 p.m., the city engineer called Rain for Rent, in Bakersfield, Calif., requesting a 30 MGD bypass system by the following morning. Within one hour, Rain for Rent personnel had designed a pumping system of two 12" DV-300, four 8" DV-200c and two 6" DV-150i Power Prime pumps, including hoses and fittings. Fort Wayne authorities approved the estimate, gave authorization to proceed, and Rain for Rent immediately went into emergency response mode, calling in personnel, assembling and loading equipment, and sending three semi-trucks to the project site.

When the Rain for Rent crew arrived at 4 a.m., less than six hours after the initial call, the retention pond was completely full, and the river was 24' above flood level. As soon as the trucks were parked, the equipment was staged between the pond and river. The Rain for Rent team, the plant superintendent and municipal workers hooked up suction hoses, suction strainers, elbows and discharge lines. Within three hours, the system was functioning and lowering the water level.

Some pumps were left on trailers to save time, keeping them ready and mobile. Rain for Rent supplied 12 additional pumps strategically placed throughout the flooded downtown area as backup for the city’s pumps that were breaking down or overwhelmed by the sheer volume of water being moved. The treatment plant continued to operate, never having to shut down.

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