The "Support Tools" section of the web site from Toronto-based Winters Instruments includes information intended to simplify the job of selecting, using and maintaining instrumentation. Among the topics covered are the criteria to consider when selecting instrumentation; how each group of products operates; a visual parts library; frequently asked questions and common terminology. Some of the topics covered in Winters' "Support Tools are:
  • The five basic types of industrial thermometers.
  • What thermowells are and when they are necessary.
  • How to choose a pressure transmitter range.
  • Environmental and application-specific considerations when choosing a gauge.
  • Types of gauge internals and how they work.
  • How a pressure switch works and factors that may extend its service life.
  • Types of diaphragm seal materials and fill fluid specifications.
The reference documents are intended to serve as a comprehensive overview of the operational aspects of thermometers; pressure transmitters, switches and gauges; diaphragm seals and related accessories. Product selection matrices are included for each product group.

This library can be accessed via clicking on the "Support Tools" logo on the company's web site.