Modular chiller manufacturer Multistack, Sparta, Wis., has created a business division, Maglev Retrofit Solutions. The new contractor-based group will focus on bringing its MagLev compressor and MagLev control system to older, less efficient existing systems.

By retrofitting existing systems with MagLev technology, according to Multistack, hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment upgrades can be avoided while still allowing the owner an opportunity to make a positive step with regard to energy consumption and CO2emissions, The company notes that MagLev compressors and control system help a chiller provide optimized partial-load efficiency and peak performance.

Retrofit contractors partnering with MagLev Retrofit Solutions will have to pass through a screening process, participate in multiple training programs and commit to providing the type of service on which Multistack has built its 20-year reputation, the company says.

While the MagLev compressor is the heart of the system, the proprietary Multistack Maglev control system multi-compressor touchscreen controller is the heartbeat. MagLev, short for magnetic levitation, means what it suggests: the motor shaft levitates in a magnetic field, nearly eliminating frictional losses and reducing wear surfaces. The technology can be applied to all types of chillers, including packaged and condensing units, and water- and air-cooled environments, to generate energy-reducing upgrades. Much of the energy reduction in the MagLev compressor system is due to the integration of variable speed technology in the compressor motor, which ensures that the compressor operates at peak efficiencies regardless of system load.