At the Glastonbury Festival 2009, Aggreko provided bio-diesel generators that required more than 60,000 litres of waste vegetable oil fuel to run throughout the event.

Aggreko Power, a maker of temporary power and temperature control equipment headquartered in Staffordshire, England, has provided more than 27 MW of power for England's Glastonbury Festival. The internationally renowned festival, which first took place in 1970, now has more than 177,000 visitors.

To cope with the huge temporary power demands, Aggreko supplied more than 230 generators. The Aggreko team began setting up the power supply infrastructure more than a month before the opening of the summer festival. Seventy Aggreko technicians were involved in the runup to the event, creating their own "village" within the site, with the team growing to more than 90 at its peak.

To meet the festival's request for the use of renewable energy, Aggreko provided biodiesel generators, which required more than 15,850 gal of waste vegetable oil fuel. The company laid almost 15 miles of festoon lighting with time clocks to reduce the power requirement during the day. With the experience of previous years, the Aggreko team was prepared for any weather conditions, keeping tankers on standby to ensure the fuel supply.

"The pressure for 100 percent performance at an event such as Glastonbury, with the eyes of the world watching, is immense," says David Taylor, Aggreko's event and electrical services manager. "The festival just gets bigger and better every year and the Aggreko team is proud to be a part of its success."