FS-1000 probe, a stand-alone plug-and-play solution

Neosens, pioneer in water and industrial liquids quality monitoring solutions, launches the FS-1000 probe, a stand-alone plug-and-play solution providing more precise results even in harsh environments, and detecting fouling (biofilm and scale) from only few microns.

A number of new key features and improvements have been introduced to meet the most challenging industrial requirements:
  • For Legionella risk-assessment.
  • For increasing production up-time.
  • For monitoring and optimizing CIP procedure.
  • For chemical discharges optimization.
  • For preventive maintenance and improving industrial process effectiveness.
  • For extending life of industrial equipment (exchangers).
…in all your cooling systems and industrial processes.

FS-1000 Series is an integrated double 4 to 20 mA analog output probe with industrial standard fittings, which allows the probe to be stand-alone and to send results directly to the industrial control room. Made of stainless steel (316L), its robust design allows the sensor and probe to work up to 150°C and 30 bars (300°F, 430 psi) and tolerates harsh chemical conditions. An ATEX (Ex II) model is also available (oil and gas or petrochemicals).

For more information:
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