Cleveland's Chart Energy & Chemicals Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chart Industries Inc., has signed a cooperation agreement with Toyo Engineering Corp. of Japan to jointly pursue certain mid-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) opportunities.

For those opportunities that Chart E&C and Toyo agree to pursue, Chart E&C will provide the LNG liquefaction process technology, including integrated natural gas liquids and nitrogen rejection technology as appropriate, together with equipment such as brazed aluminum heat exchangers, cold boxes and air-cooled heat exchangers. Toyo will provide overall engineering, procurement and construction services, and project management.

According to Yutaka Yamada, Toyo's president and CEO, "Mid-scale LNG is one of the important options available for developing small- to medium-size gas fields and coal-bed methane, which has recently been highlighted as a recoverable energy resource. Chart's LNG technology, employing the single mixed refrigerant, is very simple process solution requiring less capital and hence lower business risk, less equipment and hence a smaller footprint, leading to a shorter EPC schedule, all of which are economically attractive for the smaller gas fields."