Extech Instruments, Waltham, Mass, a subsidiary of Flir Systems, has been awarded a 2009 NECA Showstopper Award. The company's BR200 wireless inspection borescope camera won the award at the National Electrical Contractors Association annual show in Seattle.

Installation, inspection and diagnostic jobs often require access to hard-to-reach or see areas. Industry professionals can use the cameras to access tight spots, with the added capability of recording up to 2 GB of video or capture JPEG images. The BR200 and the related BR250 simplify diagnostics and simplify the job of documenting inspections.

The BR200 has a detachable 3.5" color display. Users can position the borescope as needed to access a difficult location. The monitor can be handheld and kept in direct view or affixed to any metallic surface using its magnet mount. Alternatively, for inspection sites near hazardous or moving components, the wireless monitor lets users inspect conditions remotely from more than 30' away.

The boroscope can be used for inspection of industrial machinery such as gearboxes, molding machines and cylinder bores as well as wall cavities for moisture, insect infestation, electrical wiring and water pipe location. They also are suitable for inspecting ducts and obscured areas behind motors and compressors.