Business magazines likeProcess Coolingare more and more fun these days. Yes, I said “fun,” not a word that’s usually associated with a business-to-business publication. But times, they are a-changing.

Print pages - yes, paper and ink - now can actually link to a web site. Want to try it? It’s called mobile tagging and it’s found right on this page. Take a look at the colorful tag that look sort of like a bar code. To use it, take your smart phone, download the necessary application at, and you’re ready. Simply open the camera and hold it up to the tags so they show in the screen. You may not even have to snap the camera. And voila! You are linked toProcess Cooling’s web site showing articles and product information. A growing number of businesses are using the Microsoft tags to connect print media with online resources such as web sites, videos and surveys.

If, like so much of America, you like being a part of an electronic social community, connect toProcess Coolingvia our Facebook page at or commune with our editor Linda Becker at We update our Facebook pages regularly, so there’s always something different to read about.

There’s also Twitter, fast becoming everybody’s favorite way to share info bites. JoinProcess Cooling’s growing number of followers and read our tweets about any number of topics such as reminders of upcoming regulation/standard changes or free webinars. You can tweet our editor to tell her about something your cooling process or simply follow us at

We love our print magazine and are intrigued by the ways we can play off the print with today’s electronic alternatives. I invite you to participate with us.

Anne Armel, Group Publisher,