All cooling towers use a combination of heat and mass transfer to cool process water. Use this special editorial collection of cooling towers to arm yourself with tower knowledge and help you protect your process equipment.

Modular Cooling Tower

TTXE Series is a counterflow, mechanical-draft cooling tower designed to reduce installation time and costs, operating costs and tower maintenance. Individual cooling tower modules are available in sizes ranging from 155 to 882 tons, with modular “plug and play” interconnectivity that allows up to 100,000 cooling tons, or 300,000 gal/min, per installation. The factory-assembled towers are designed for power and process cooling applications.

Tower Tech Inc., (405) 290-7788

Custom Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are designed and engineered to suit customer’s operating conditions and environmental requirements. Materials of construction include pultruded FRP, timber, standard FRP and RCC. Each tower is built to suit the client’s operating conditions. Infill is made out of PVC, PP, timber and other materials.

Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd., [91] 33 2479 2050

Cooling Tower Systems

Company provides complete cooling tower engineering, design, and construction services for wood, fiberglass, steel or concrete towers. Users can customize the cooling towers to fit the facility needs or requirements. Tower designs include crossflow and counterflow designs, pultruded fiberglass structures, double-wall construction.

Cooling Tower Depot, (800) 371-5959

Induced-Draft, Counterflow Tower

Paragon is offered in single modules in sizes from 55 to 250 tons. Standard features include seamless engineered plastic (HDPE) shell; corrosion-proof construction; direct-drive fan system; totally enclosed VFD-rated motors; low pressure drop self-propelled PVC water distribution system; and high efficiency PVC fill. The counterflow tower is factory assembled for simple installation and has a 15-year shell warranty.

Delta Cooling Towers Inc., (800) 289-3358

Evaporative Cooling Tower Systems

Evaporative systems provide cooling below dry bulb ambient temperature. The systems cool by evaporating a small portion (approximately 1.5 percent of flow) of recirculating water. It maintains temperature to within 3°F of wet bulb ambient. According to the company, it saves approximately 97 percent of water compared to tap water systems. Features include a stainless steel indoor sump for freeze protection; stainless steel or fiberglass cooling tower construction; high temperature fill; backup pumps; isolated plant water systems via heat exchanger or closed circuit evaporative tower; filtration; and cooling tower stands.

Dry Coolers Inc., (248) 969-3400

Fiberglass Cooling Tower Parts

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic provides a strong and durable material for process cooling equipment and accessories. The company uses a special process to make its fiberglass-reinforced plastic, which is suited for a range of industries and applications including cooling towers, corrosion-resistant equipment, corrosive environments, electrical and electronics, marine environments and water/wastewater treatment. Custom and standard shapes are possible.

Bedford Reinforced Plastics Inc., (814) 623-8125

Fiberglass Field-Erected Crossflow Cooling Towers

For applications where extended equipment life is required, the Pegasus provides corrosion protection, superior structure, strength and optimized thermal performance. The patented fiberglass-reinforced polyester structure is engineered to minimize structural air restriction. The field-erected, crossflow cooling tower has a five-year warranty on the mechanical equipment, FRP structure, equipment support and fill.

Composite Cooling Solutions (CCS), (817) 246-8700

Steel Cooling Tower

Factory assembled or field erected, Marley NC Class are designed for low sound levels using high efficiency fans and low splash noise heat transfer media. Other features include CTI certification for guaranteed thermal performance; FM approval; and ASHRAE 90.1 compliance rating for energy efficiency. Wind load modifications to meet the strict Florida Building Code. Rugged galvanized steel is standard with a choice of stainless steel upgrades to part or the entire tower structure. Integral louvers are also standard for zero water splashout and superior winter operation.

SPX Cooling Technologies, (800) 462 7539

Cottonwood Filter Screens

Cottonwood filter acreens are designed to keep airborne debris such as cottonwood seed, insects, leaves, pollen, paper, construction debris and more out of cooling towers, air-cooled chillers and HVAC systems. Screens are constructed of an engineered, vinyl-coated polyester mesh with a nonstick surface, heavy-duty reinforced binding and industrial-grade fasteners. Filters are cleaned with a broom, brush, shop vacuum or garden hose - even the rain will rinse them clean.

Air Solution Co., (513) 860-9784

Counterflow Cooling Tower

FPT Series utilizes Composolite modular system, a fiberglass-panel technology that provides users with a strong, fire-retardant pultruded fiberglass tower with a UV-protected, nonskid coating. Factory-assembled components and subassemblies provide fast, consistent and safe construction as well as low maintenance. The counterflow tower includes a pultruded fiberglass deck with nonskid coating.

Midwest Towers Inc., (405) 224-4622

Closed-Circuit Cooling Towers

Induced-draft FXV product line includes single air inlet cells and larger, higher capacity dual air inlet models. Standard design features satisfy environmental concerns, minimize installation costs, maximize year-round operating reliability and simplify maintenance requirements. Thermal performances of all are independently certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI), eliminating the need for onsite field tests. The company’s Combined Flow Technology employs a combination of coil and wet-deck heat transfer surfaces to increase performance. They are designed to ease access for maintenance and offer low sound levels and low operating weights.

Baltimore Aircoil Co., (410) 799-6200

Fiberglass Cooling Towers

Line of single- and dual-cell cooling towers is made of extra-thick fiberglass to provide a long service life. Fiberglass-reinforced polyester casings and water basins have UV-inhibitor in the gel coat to eliminate fiberglass deterioration and pigment fading. Tower is supplied assembled on a structural steel integral base. Pipe connections are welded in place for easier installation and hookup. Additional features include PVC fill; standard NEMA-frame TEFC motors with no belts or gear reducers; low speed propeller fans; stainless steel internal framing and hardware; one-piece water distributor with no moving parts and nonclogging design; PVC drift eliminators; and nonferrous inlet baffles.

Berg Chilling Systems, (416) 755-2221

Custom and Predesigned Cooling Towers

Design features of counterflow and crossflow cooling towers include guaranteed thermal performance. Other features include computer analysis for optimum design, custom and predesigned sizes, minimum fan horsepower, low pumping head and aesthetic design. With rugged, heavy-duty construction using wood, concrete, steel or fiberglass, the towers are constructed for easy maintenance and through bolted framing.

Tower Performance Inc., (973) 966-1116

Fiberglass Cooling Towers

Features of the FC Series include fiberglass construction of the tower casing and basin, reinforced fiberglass internal structural supports, 304 stainless steel fan support and fasteners, and PVC fill, drift eliminators, louvers and water distribution system. The leakproof, one-piece basin has molded, recessed bolt pockets for mounting on two I-beams. The integral inlet louver system prevents splash and windage loss and eases access to the basin. The TEAO direct-drive fan motor has double-sealed, permanently lubricated motor bearings to eliminate motor maintenance.

Thermal Care Inc., (888) 828-7387