Scale buildup was a severe problem before circulating Rydlyme through a pharmaceutical company’s chiller system. After applying Rydlyme for 24 hours followed by a thorough water flush, the chiller tubes were free of contaminants.

A large pharmaceutical manufacturer in Puerto Rico had severe scale problems in its cooling tower and chiller systems. After discussing the situation with Apex Engineering Products Inc.’s Rydlyme representative, the recommendation was to use four totes (1,320 gal) of Rydlyme to clean the 2,500-ton unit.

The product, manufactured by Aurora, Ill.-based Apex, circulated for 24 hours followed by a thorough water flush. After the unit returned to service, the cooling water discharge showed a decrease of 9°F. Because of the measurable results, the pharmaceutical company has made Rydlyme part of its regular preventive maintenance program.