Freeze-dryer manufacturer SP Industries, Warminster, Pa., offers free webinars throughout the year on various freeze-drying topics such as troubleshooting, optimization, containment and co-solvent systems.

SP also has posted a series of technical papers concerning the freeze drying process, lyophilization cycle development and optimization, and lyophilizer technical references in the hopes of helping its customers better understand the lyophilization process and how to select, use and maintain laboratory, pilot and production lyophilizers at peak efficiency.

According to the company’s web site, the training webinars and papers will help viewers and readers learn how to:
  • Optimize freeze drying cycles.
  • Maximize the efficacy and elegance of freeze-dried product.
  • Select the best freeze-dryer specific needs.
  • Maintain lyophilizers at optimal operating efficiency and prevent unplanned downtime.
Access the list of webinars and technical papers at