Here’s something to add to your list of New Year’s resolutions - a free webinar on managing your cooling tower water in an environmentally sound way. You can also add it to your 2010 list of things to do to build your value to your company. (After all, we all are focused on job security these days.) It’s one hour of your time and no cost, but the benefits to you in your job will be invaluable.

So mark down June 1, at 2 p.m., for our first webinar, which is titled “Keeping Your Cooling Tower Water ‘Green.’” We’re preparing the registration web site now, and I’ll get that URL to you later.

And never fear - our webinars will not be a commercial pitch to get you to buy something. Independent consultant and trainer Paul Puckorius, a former Process Cooling columnist, will present all the information. He’s got 50 years of water management experience to his name, so you can be sure he’ll pack the sessions with practical advice and direction that you can take back to work and put to use.

Here’s a rundown on what “Keeping Your Cooling Tower Water ‘Green’” will cover:
  • Water conservation and reuse.
  • Increasing cycles of concentration.
  • Filtration to extend equipment life.
  • Water treatment.
Consider this water-focused webinar a part of your continuing education. Reuse and conservation are especially important these days and are a much talked-about aspect of cooling tower water use. Paul will bring you up to date on the latest discussions.

Did I mention that you’ll be able to ask Paul questions and get immediate answers? The last 15 to 20 minutes of the webinar are reserved for Q&A.

Prepare to be educated! I’ll “see” you on June 1.

Anne Armel, Group Publisher,