It is doubtful that George A. Daubert ever dreamed the company he started in 1935 next to his Chicago truck stop would become what it is today - a global company with expertise in corrosion prevention, adhesives and specialty lubricants - but that’s just what happened.

In the 75 years since a customer talked to Daubert about his need for something to keep his steel coils from rusting, the customer-focused spirit that drove him to find a solution remains at the company. Says Mike Dwyer, Daubert Chemical’s president and CEO, “Our founder’s entrepreneurial spirit is what makes us tick. As a privately held, employee-owned company, it’s the skills and dedication of our people - their willingness to listen to and respond to customer needs - that is central to our success.”

The adage “find a need and fill it” was the genesis of innovation. George Daubert listened to what his customer was saying and mixed a rust preventive with various blends of oil to give him the corrosion protection he needed. In fact, it worked so well that not long after, Daubert sold the resulting coating to the burgeoning local steel industry and founded a business that was then known as the Nox-Rust Chemical Co. (Daubert’s Nox-Rust brand is now known globally for those businesses needing rust prevention.)

During the 1940s, the company name was changed to Daubert Chemical Co. Inc. as word spread that the company’s scientists were adept in developing corrosion prevention products for extreme environmental conditions. Over the years, the company expanded its corrosion- prevention products to include the automotive, heavy truck, heavy equipment, farm equipment and marine industries.

Today, Daubert formulates corrosion preventives, adhesives, sealants and specialty coatings for the general industrial, automobile and transportation, marine, aerospace, furniture and woodworking marketplaces.