Anyone involved with liquid cooling in their production process should take a look at Lytron Inc.’s web site. It is well-thought out and packed with an unusual number of practical items throughout.

Go to and, front and center, you will find a liquid-cooling blog written by the company’s engineers and managers. To the right of the blog, there is a link to an equation-solving tool that Woburn, Mass.-based Lytron set up so users can convert any one of 17 units of measure quickly and easily. Lytron does ask you to register to use this tool, but in return you get to have the convenience of going to just one place to convert multiple measurements.

In the left-hand index on the home page, you’ll spot more interesting links. One example of what they’ve set up is “Cold Plate Selection: Thermal Application Entry.” Have your thermal parameters such as heat load, surface temperature and incoming liquid temperature ready, and you will get some helpful answers. I even purposely made some mistakes in the numbers I entered, but the software caught me. In addition to the cold plate selector, there are eight other selector tools, including those for cooling systems, heat exchangers and chillers.

If you are hung up on a liquid-cooling problem, don’t overlook “Ask an Engineer,” whose link is also in the right-hand column. Lytron says it can recommend technologies, help size a product, determine if a standard or custom product is needed for your application, explain available options on standard products, and more. And if you want to get quarterly notices of newly posted technical support pages to the web site, you can register for their newsletter.

If any of you have a favorite web site that relates to process cooling, send an e-mail to me and tell me why you like it. I’ll check it out and tell others about it.

Anne Armel, Group Publisher,