In a nearly 4-minute video, Baltimore Aircoil demonstrates how shake table testing can emulate what evaporative coolers experience during earthquakes and other seismic events. The Baltimore-based company is using the physical simulations to document the ability of it’s equipment to withstand seismic forces.

Validating the performance of its evaporative cooling equipment with this physical test is important for real-world results, says Steve Duerwachter, president of Baltimore Aircoil, in the video. “Analytical modeling is very handy when it comes time to develop the product. It allows you to get very close tolerances and to make sure that what you’re developing is really what comes out in the end when you produce the product. But the only real true way to know, is to create the environment the product is going to be in the field.”

According to the video, the evaporative equipment is subject to the same types of forces a piece of equipment might experience during a seismic event, for up to 30 sec. The equipment also is sequentially tested at increasing levels of force, up to 2.5 Gs.

“When it comes to seismic performance, we feel very confident, the only way you’re really going know how the unit performs is to do shake table testing. It’s becoming a real standard. We’re the only people that have shake-table tested evaporative cooling equipment,” says Bill Rector, vice president, sales and marketing.

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