An Air Products factory has switched from potable to recycled water for its industrial cooling process. The new water treatment system for its Santa Clara, Calif., plant conserves nearly 62 million gallons of drinking water annually for California’s Milpitas, Santa Clara and San Jose residents and significantly reduces Air Products’ water costs, according to the Lehigh Valley, Pa., company.

“Air Products strives to find sustainable solutions for its day-to-day operations, and one way to meet that goal is to reduce water consumption,” says Luke Charpentier, Air Products’ Santa Clara site manager.

Air Products is now one of the largest among more than 550 customers connected to the South Bay recycled water line, which consists of more than 100 miles of pipe delivering 15 million gallons of recycled water per day from the area’s water pollution plant. The water line conserves drinking water by distributing recycled water for non-drinking uses such as industrial processing, building cooling, and food crop and landscape irrigation at parks, schools, golf courses and business parks.

Air Products’ Santa Clara facility houses an air separation plant producing oxygen, nitrogen and argon for industrial applications.