Practical ways to hold down costs and increase efficiency are highlighted at the technical portion of the IIAR conference. Scheduled for March 14-17 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, the IIAR 2010 Industrial Refrigeration Conference and Exhibition spans nearly three days and consists of operations and maintenance workshops, panel discussions, formal technical papers and technomercials.

The program consists of eight papers that will be presented in English and five papers that will be presented in Spanish. Technical paper titles include:
  • Effective Water Treatment for Evaporative Condensers.
  • Optimization of Refrigeration Plant Operations.
  • Evaporator Arrangements for Large Scale Cool and Cold Storage Applications.
  • Ammonia Refrigeration Design for LEED Certification.
  • Consider Two-Stage Systems to Save Energy.
  • How the PSM/RMP Mass and Energy Balance Relates to Your Plant.
In addition, there will be workshops and panels that focus on saving energy, understanding purgers, leak prevention, PLC and computer controls, mechanical integrity, standards updates, PSM/RMP, sight glasses and more. Technomericals - sessions where exhibitors present product-related training that provides practical, problem-solving information - will round off the program.

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