Caption: Pemex cooling tower filtration at Guanajuato, Mexico. The centrifugal sand separators would not remove sand particles under 100 microns. V-1000 50 micron at 800 gpm.

As the scarcity of water and its related costs continue to escalate, water quality continues to decline. Many Municipal water districts are now placing increased pressure on water consumers to implement water recycling measures wherever possible. Therefore, installing a “water-saving” filtration system in a plant’s cooling system has become the norm rather than the exception. Many companies are realizing that the price of an efficient filtration system is often miniscule compared to the high cost of cooling system maintenance due to poor water quality, and that the once accepted practice of discharging large amounts of wastewater into the sewer can quickly increase expenses and thereby erode profits.

Incorporating an energy and water efficient filtration system into a cooling tower’s recovery system can not only extend the life of the cooling tower system’s water, but significantly lower the maintenance costs, thereby providing a substantial return on resources (ROR) - financial and ecological. (151)

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